Terms of Umuru.

§1 Validity towards entrepreneurs and Definitions

(1) The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions between us and a consumer
valid at the time of the order.

A consumer is any natural person, who enters into a legal transaction for purposes, predominantly neither
can be attributed to their commercial or independent professional activity (§ 13 BGB).

§2 conclusion of a contract, Storage of contract

(1) The following rules on the conclusion of the contract apply to orders via our internet shop https://umuru.com/shop/ .

(2) In the case of conclusion of the contract comes into force


Landsberger Allee 86

D-10249 Berlin

Deutschland / Germany

E-Mail info@umuru.com

Register number available on request

Register Amtsgericht Berlin


(3) The presentation of goods in our online shop are not legally binding contract offer on our part,
but are just one non-binding invitation to the consumer, To order goods. By ordering the desired goods consumers are a for
it binding offer to conclude a purchase contract from.

(4) Upon receipt of an order in our online shop the following rules apply:
The consumer makes a binding contract offer, by successfully running the envisaged in our Internet Shop ordering procedure.

The order involves the following steps:

1) Selection of the desired goods

2) Confirm by clicking the "Order" button

3) Check the information in your shopping cart

4) Pressing the button "Checkout"

5) Sign the online shop for registration and entry of applicant information (E-mail address and password).

6) Or reconsideration. Correction of each input data.

7) Mandatory sending the order "order fee" by clicking the button or. "Buy"

The consumer can before the mandatory after sending the order by pressing the contained in the Internet browser used by him "back" button
Get control of his information back to the website, on the information provided by the customer are collected and input errors corrected or. by closing the
Internet browser to cancel the order process.
We acknowledge receipt of your order directly through an automatically generated e-mail ("Order Confirmation"). With this we accept your offer.

(5) Storage of contract for purchase via our Internet shop : We will send you the order data and our Terms and Conditions by
To e-mail. The terms and conditions at any time and at https://umuru.com/agb/ listings.

Your order data can be accessed for security reasons no longer on the Internet.

§3 Prices, Returns, Payment, Maturity

(1) The prices include VAT and other price components. There are also possible shipping costs.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying by



Credit card(Visa)


(3) If the consumer has elected to pay in advance, so he agrees, the purchase price to be paid immediately after the conclusion.

§4 Delivery

(1) If we have not clearly stated in the product description, all products we offer can be shipped immediately.
Delivery will be made here latest within 5 Business days.
The deadline for delivery in the event of payment in advance on the day begins after
Payment order to run on the staff responsible for the transfer bank and all other forms of payment on the day after the conclusion.
If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, it shall expire on the next business day.

(2) The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the
thing sold is also the dispatch of purchase until the delivery of the thing to the buyer on this over.

§5 Retention of title

We reserve the title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price.


§ 6 Right of Withdrawal as a consumer:

Right of withdrawal

Consumers have a right of withdrawal under the following conditions to, where consumer is any natural person, who enters into a legal transaction for purposes,
predominantly neither commercial nor its independent vocational activity may be attributed:


You have the right, to withdraw within seven days stating the reasons this Agreement.

The withdrawal period is seven days, from the date, when you or a third party indicated by you,
the other than the carrier, the goods have repossessed or. hat.

To exercise your right, You need us

Landsberger Allee 86
D-10249 Berlin
E-Mail info@umuru.com
Deutschland / Germany

by means of a clear explanation of your decision,
to withdraw from this contract, inform. You can sure use the attached model withdrawal form, however, this is not mandatory.

Consequences of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract, we have you all payments, we have received from you, except
Delivery costs (except for the additional costs, which result from, that you as a different type of delivery
The offered by us, have chosen cheapest Ground Shipping), immediately and at the latest within fourteen days
repay from the date, on which the notification has been received of its cancellation of this agreement with us.
For this repayment we use the same method of payment, that you used in the original transaction,
unless, with you has been explicitly agreed otherwise; in any case you will be charged fees for the repayment.

We may refuse to repay, until we have the goods received back again, or until you have demonstrated,
that you have returned the goods, depending on, which is the earlier.

You have the goods immediately and in any event not later than seven days from the date, where you About the
Teach cancellation of this contract, returned to us or to hand over. The deadline is met,
if you send the goods before the deadline of seven days.

You bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

End of the cancellation



§7 withdrawal form

Withdrawal form

(If you want to cancel the contract, Then please fill out this form and send it back.)

An :

Umuru Landsberger Allee 86. D-10249 Berlin Deutschland/Germany E-Mail info@umuru.com. Hereby give notice(n) I, we (*) withdraw from my / our (*) concluded contract for the purchase of the following goods (*)/the provision of the following service (*)_____________________________________________________ordered On (*)/received at (*)


Name / consumer(s)


Address of / consumer(s)

Signature / consumer(s) (only message on paper)




(*) Delete as applicable.

§8 Warranty

The statutory warranty provisions.

§ 9 Contract Language

When contract language is exclusively German available.


§10 Customer Service

Our customer service for questions, And complaints is available weekdays from
10:00 Clock up 17:00 Clock under

E-Mail: info@umuru.com



Terms and conditions as of March 2021

Alternative dispute resolution according to Art. 14 ABS. 1 ODR-VO and § 36 OLMJ:

The European Commission provides a platform for the online dispute resolution (OS) ready, the you see https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr find. We are not obliged and unwilling to participate in a dispute resolution proceedings before a conciliation Board of the consumer.