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Ich esse Kreide

Ich esse Kreide

Ich esse Kreide

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  1. Do you ship to the us?

  2. Do you ship to the u.s.? Im looking for a small amount of clay for weight loss

  3. Sorry I didn’t see your first answer…how do i go about ordering? I was unable to find the prices in dollars..

    1. All prices are in euro. If you are going to pay paypal, then everything is automatically recalculated to Dolar Euro. Good luck.

  4. I live in Norway, and ordered clay, how many days/weeks does it take before is here?

  5. Hi everyone,
    I live in La Harpe, Kansas United States, and I ordered chalk December 30th, and was wondering if anyone knew how many weeks it will take before it is delivered to me?

    1. Hi, approximately 2 weeks.

  6. Thank you sooo very much Alex for letting me know. I am sooo excited for the chalk to get here…. I totally love chalk. :)

  7. will do shipping for india hyderabad

    1. Do it – we will send you goods. 2 week.

  8. hi…

    how long does it take to germany? where are you anyhow?

    1. HI… 2-3 days. We are located in Berlin.

  9. Please, how many days does the shipping take inside Germany?

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